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These parties consist of 5 or more guests for bachelor, birthday, office, fraternity, etc. They may have 1 or more dancers to entertain the guests. The parties come in 3 stages. Each stage of the entertainment is based on guest participation and tipping.

Stage 1- Trash the Guest of Honor

This stage is dedicated to the guest of honor. The dancer will start by performing a striptease for him in the middle of the room, stripping off their clothes while teasing him. Depending on the dancers, the girls may even remove articles of clothing from the special guest, role play and even a little torture to please all his friends.

Stage 2- Party Games

During this stage, the girls will offer a variety of wild party games starting with the guest of honor. Some of the games offered are body shots, feed the kitty, lotion/oil rubs, lollipops, whip cream races. Once they have finished, they will offer them to the rest of the crowd.

Stage 3- Love Show or Lesbian Show

This show can be mild to wild, depending of the level of excitement the crowd would like to see. The girls will use a variety of props usually consisting of lotions, oils , candles and other naughty surprizes. This show can be a bit pricey, but is well worth it.

Once the girls perform their show, they will offer fully nude personal and floor dances to all the guest. Remember, all dancers work for tips though each stage. The more you tip your dancers, the longer the show will last.


Our Las vegas male strippers will start the show off with their special striptease for the guest of honor. Depending on the request, they can show up as a cop, fireman, room service, cowboy, etc. After performing their act, the dancer will play tipping games and offer lap dances to the rest of the crowd. Remember ladies, the wilder you girls are, the wilder the games......